It became apparent to some lesbian & gay persons that aspects of Cornwall's LGBT social, gay health, equality & campaigning history were being re-written. Certain inconvenient truths about Cornish LGBT life of the late C20th & early C21st were being airbrushed out & erased entirely by those now in control & running the 'official'? recording of Cornwall's LGBT history. 'One Queer Gay Life' is a referenced record drawn from the Sprocket Trust small archive (press cuttings, documents, letters, photos, publications, etc.) of aspects of LGBT life in Cornwall others might prefer you simply did not know.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Cornwall Gay Artist video statement to 
Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

WARNING: Video contains disturbing FACTUAL information regarding 
authorities & police homophobic attitudes towards Child Sexual Abuse 
& homophobic hate crime survivor victims

The video has been submitted by the child rape survivor & police hate crime survivor
 to the statutory Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse